Friday, July 10, 2009

Treasure Hunt: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

or....the one that got away!

I feel cross with myself! I love venetian mirrors, in particular the plainer variety. Recently I had considered buying one just for myself. Of course, it was the one that got away! If I had been buying for a client I would not have hesitated, but because I was intending to buy for myself, I procrastinated and waited and waited (largely out of guilt .... as I don't often buy things for myself, its now a very long time since I have bought another mirror) and now I am telling myself off, because I really did love it.

In Australia mirrors, like the pieces pictured below, are more difficult to come by than the more elaborate variety which are so much easier to obtain. Anyway, I am now sending out the word and I will email this post out to the relevant parties. This is what I'm after, the larger the better. I am cautious about importing because of the fragile nature of the article, so this time I am looking closer to home.

I collect mirrors (and this, of course, is why I was feeling guilty about buying another one) and not because I am in love with my own reflection but rather because of the wonderful prismatic glamour that they lend to an interior. I love the different kinds of glass and silvering and I can pick in an instant exactly whether I am looking at mercury or silver or something else entirely. In my living room I have a very large french Directoire mirror, darkened with age, and I can not imagine the room without it

The reason that I adore these mirrors in particular is that they are great mixers. I have approached two people who are in the business of bringing in the ornate crowned reproduction mirrors that seem to abound, and I have been told on both occasions that plainer mirrors would not sell ....well for the record, I disagree. ( I think that you might be able to tell that that this post is going to be emailed to the aforementioned individuals as well).

If you don't believe me, about just how beautiful these mirrors are, check Jan Shower's site as pictures really do speak a thousand words!

Here is Miguel, whose lovely French accent always charms me,
capturing himself in the one that got away!
Of course, I am not at all cross with Miguel, who is blameless in this situation.
In any event, it is impossible for a lady to be cross with a Frenchman for any length of time!
Note the 'subtle' charm .... could I be on a winner here?

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