Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Chair for EmpireLady?

Sitting comfortably?

EmpireLady is flapping through some old magazines and thinks that she might like a new chair or perhaps two, the old deckchair having suddenly lost its appeal. Some years ago EmpireLady very deliberately stole a little something from the striking individual pictured above, justifying her actions on the basis that Wallis, in her time, had stolen something rather important herself .... the King. EmpireLady's theft was of just a little bit of style ... namely Wallis' curious and terribly elegant way of sitting. An examination of old photographs will reveal that Wallis' perceived beauty is largely as a consequence of the way that she held herself (in addition to keeping herself trim on an excellent diet of lettuce and vodka). To sit properly, one needs a proper chair:

Jansen Chairs are of course absolute favourites. EmpireLady who adores the faded grandeur of original upholstery is very taken with this mid century pair, beautiful, well formed and capacious with strong neoclassical lines - from Greenwich Living

If proportion is everything, then the chair below, sold by Meirelles, has it all. It's not Jansen by any means and it really does need work on the upholstery, but at 820mm wide and 880mm high and with a similar depth (imperial 32" by 34") it is capacious without having the height that might otherwise break up a room intrusively. The dimensions, the depth in particular indicate that it is by no means a banquette. Chairs with these proportions seem to come up at auction described as 'an old chair from a photographic studio' and it would not be a surprise if this were the case here.

Of almost identical proportions are the mid century pair from Jansen below offered by Blend Interiors. Regrettably, EmpireLady's penchant for 'living in collapse' seems to have extended to her budget in so far as it extends to their five figure price tag:Back to the deckchair ....


ArchitectDesign™ said...

oh -i would love to have any of those chairs, espeically then jansen ones. Love your taste.
Wallis has alwyas fascinated me, I've read so many books about her: I think she proved that good looks often are attitude (and grooming!).

little augury said...

EmpireLady-wonderful chairs, the fabric is perfect on the pr, the green sad one,now looks to have great Wallis potential- but besides the chairs, a beautiful post. just found you thru LBG, Bloomsbury Life.

Empire Design said...

thank you so much for your comments, I am so pleased that you like the post, it's sad the EmpireLady is still in her deckchair, we;ll have to keep looking!

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