Saturday, May 30, 2009

EmpireLady: Resident Muse

Empire Design is home to a resident muse: EmpireLady, she is somewhat misleading about her age, which is somewhere between 35 and 235 on a bad day. Having recently mastered the use of a very old typewriter, she likes to make a contribution to this blog.

We warn that there have been occasions when EmpireLady has been banned from the blog, and in fact the office in general .... largely as a consequence of a range of difficult behaviours, usually brought on by a somewhat inappropriate fascination with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and Madame Arcati, with whom she is strictly forbidden to communicate.

On the whole we must say that EmpireLady can be most charming, despite a somewhat brittle temperament. She is a lover of modern art who rather approves of Daphne Guinness and Oscar Wilde and is currently to be found in a deckchair, on the lawn, reading a text on the demise of the three great European Empires in the C20th and is applying what she has learned to her obsession with ephemera from that era, stating: one must understand that the art of 'living in collapse' requires just a little more style .....

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