Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love ... by the Numbers

thank you Marie-Lan Nguyen (Jastrow)!
Psyché ranimée par le baiser de l'Amour (Psyche revived by the kiss of Love). Marble, 1793.
executed by Antonio Canova (Italian, 1757–1822) at the commission of Colonel John Campbell, 1787; later purchased by Joachim Murat, 1801, housed at the Louvre, Department of Sculptures, Denon, ground floor, room 4

EmpireLady is a little tattered today and, feeling all of her 235 years, seems beyond the reach of the reviving power of love, but finds beauty in its stead. The image is of course as perfect as its subject: a split second analysis of the composition will reveal a perfect use of the golden section, as does its subject, through which the divine proportions seem to tumble.


little augury said...

wonderful to see the provenance here. I have had a wonderful romp catching up on your words. I am thrilled to add you to my blog list. la

Empire Design said...

Thank you for adding me! I'm off to find your blog now, to add you into my list too, as for the provenance, it's something I'm really keen on as I think there has been so much generosity from others in terms of the commons

kind regards

Zelda said...

I was 6 when i fowl in love with that statue ! thanks to revive it ,

Empire Design said...

thank you Zelda, I agree, it is a statue that steals your heart!

Zèbre bleu said...

Yes, this statue is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to have the chance to see it in real... it fascinates me! Thanks for posting it! :)))

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