Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Labour of Love

As the spring weather starts to warm, I am about to commence restoration of a boiserie panel. It is important in these matters, when using certain mediums, to have air temperature and moisture levels within the right range.

I have spent much of the morning perched at the top of a step ladder, examining painted bell flowers and swags of roses with the aid of dental tools in an effort to make a judicious decision as to the areas of of the delicate decoration that will need the build up of layers of paint removed, without damage to the underlying structure. At the moment the panel, removed from a demolished wing of a chateau, is a dusty pea green and still has the sooty hand marks of the demolition workers on it.

I have photographed the panel but the image was taken in low light and I hesitate to post it, perhaps I might when I have a good image of the finished piece. I will re finish the panel with a studio mixed paint, the solution just strong enough to float a little graphite powder in it, for an impeccably original looking blanc casse finish.

To keep me inspired and focused I have posted some images from my archive of some lovely boiserie panels.

above and below, panels from the Hotel Girard (now a school).


balsamfir said...

You restore these? Wow! I'd love to see the before picture, and a during one too.

little augury said...

yes- my decorative painter always use to tell me this thing about the temperature when we were on a deadline- great art can not be rushed darling, as he would head out for a smoke. can not wait to see the
outcome of your project. la

home before dark said...

Gives a whole new meaning to restoration hardware! Can't wait to see beauty revealed.

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