Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In the Garden: Longing for Summer!

It is deep mid winter and EmpireLady, who loves to garden, is longing for sunshine. With this in mind EmpireLady is planning a patio garden and is sourcing some echeverias for mass planting in large containers. These images will just have to keep EmpireLady going through the winter gloom:

echeveria elegans (in winter)

echeveria secunda glauca

echeveria secunda

image from flickr, a wonderful planting

Echeverias Perle von Neurenberg and Lola with sempervivum

echeveria setosa

1 comment:

home before dark said...

The image from flicker is amazing! I have these guys on my mind, too. Thinking about using them to create a waterless water feature. Good luck with the patio plants.

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