Monday, June 1, 2009

An Eclectic Background

As a runaway teenager my aesthetic journey began when I funded my way through art school (then later for some bizarre reason, Law School) by working for seven years with the irrepressible Coco Renee, running an antique clothing emporium. Captivated, immersed in ephemera and vast, ever changing quantities of vintage clothing and antiques. I learned to buy well, to attend at auctions and seized every opportunity to work with stylists from the SA Film Corporation and various producers who inevitably gravitated to the emporium.

But my mother's worst fear was that I would become a dilettante and a little later, at her insistence, I read law and went on to become admitted as a Legal Practitioner and focused on Crime but aesthetics remained an addiction. I have never truly been able to separate myself from the antique trade, influenced by the likes of Spencer Swaffer to whom, like many expats, I am truly indebted:

It was only later that I branched into interior decoration, remodelling and later making chandeliers and sconces, an ideal outlet for the frustrated metal smith. It was then that I came across Maison Bagues and Jansen and became what my mother feared the most ...... a dilettante.

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